Thursday, November 23, 2006

It rocked

The U2 concert was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It felt odd though because I think it was the first concert I had been to in my life where I didn't really dance. I love to listen to the music of U2, but I don't associate them with dancing. I found myself singing along most of the time, and swaying to a few things, but no hot sweaty, standing in the middle of a sports stadium with 80,000 people, getting carried away with the music and the people, not caring who you are dancing with or what you look like. Maybe somewhere in my brain I associate them with worthiness (sounds dull, doesn't it?) and message music, rather than dancing and fun. Odd.

Note to the Edge, yes we booed you. Melbourne is not Sydney, and we don't like being called that. Sorry, we love you, but that was an insult.

Note to Bono, getting a text from you after the concert is exciting. Thanks. I would love to have seen my face when I checked my phone for the beep and finding a message from Bono. Cool. Thanks


Franny said...

You got a text message from Bono!!!??? You're kidding, right? Right? OMG!

thisisme said...

It sounds way more exciting than it was - Bono asked us all to text our names to a number to support making poverty history - and at the end of the show all our names appeared up on the screen - big so you could read them. I guess it was pretty easy to send a text after that to everyone in the database encouraging them to visit Still though, I'm keeping that message, just so I have a message from Bono, even if it isn't a personal one. And the song about his dad - rocks!!!

velvet girl said...

Even if it wasn't from him personally, it's still worth keeping around for a while. How fun! At least he's putting his celebrity to good use.

The Melbourne/Sydney mix-up thing was pretty bad. Usually it's only us ignorant Yanks who would make a mistake like that, though I suppose that so many concerts in a row make it hard to remember exactly where you are on any given day. Maybe he should have written it on his hand. ;)