Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I got a text from one of my friends yesterday asking me to make some soup. Just simple vegetable soup for her sick boyfriend until they can work out what is wrong with his stomach.

I loved being able to help her out, and especially enjoyed being able to do something concrete. The simple physical actions of peeling and chopping the potatoes and carrots, picking and slicing the beans and then putting it in the pot with some vegetable stock, pasta and water was very satisfying. Stirring the soup gave my afternoon a soothing routine and smelling the soup throughout the house just made me happy.

There is something I've always loved about the community of cooking and eating together. Now I've learnt about the community of preparing food for others, and not needing to be there to eat with them. I didn't need to be there to watch him eat it, I'm happy that he managed to keep it down and it didn't add to his pain.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I've been mostly home for the last couple of weeks after I had my tonsils taken out (yes, ouch!) 2 weeks ago. I'm going back to work tomorrow, but wanted to wander around the garden I've enjoyed looking at during my recuperation.

Out the back door. This sold the house to me more than anything else. We've just painted it red and redone the white. It is my favourite part of the house to sit in and talk to friends, or just enjoy a coffee and the paper. Or a barbecue cooked by my gorgeous husband. The mint smell is just divine.

We gave most of the family 5 chili plants in a pot as part of their Christmas present, and kept 5 for ourselves. I can't wait to start cooking with these.

This hibiscus just keeps on giving - my poor husband has had to cut it back 4 times since we moved in here. It smells gorgeous, the birds love it and the flowers are sooooo pretty.

The plants in this bed mostly come from old rental places I lived in. Mum snaffled cuttings of everything I liked and kept them growing in pots at her house. Now they are settling into our house.

I can't wait for these trees to begin fruiting. One of them is a double grafted lemon/lime tree, and the other is a lemon tree we were given for a wedding present. They were both so tiny when we planted them, but they are growing well.

Our first vegie patch. It went absolutely crazy. so far we've enjoyed rhubarb, brocoli, silver beet, and tomatoes. Next year we plant different things there and move to the next patch we are planning at the moment. The rhurbarb came from my father in law.

The fence is falling down, but we thought we'd get a summer of beans out of it first before we replace it in autumn. We are snap freezing them as we pick them to keep us well supplied.

A little peek over the fence - no wonder we are such a popular place to visit for all the kids in our world. And yes, the new fence will have a gate.

It wouldn't smell like home to me without jasmine. Lots of room there for another compost bin and more vegie patches.

The plants in this bed all came from my Mum's house. Just before she moved from my childhood home we spent an afternoon raiding her garden and about 85% of our cuttings have taken.

George thinks he is lord and master of this house - so I had to include him.

More fruits of the garden - picked today. They are exploding with flavour - I just wish they didn't hurt my throat still. Give me a few more days.

That lovely husband of mine has done more than 95% of the work in the garden. I enjoy it, give my opinion and pull out the thistles. When I do the washing, I do the watering. We've got a long way to go to get it where we want to, but with the water tank, grey water and buckets in the shower we'll get there eventually. I love that it has so much of our history in it too.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year

Admittedly, a very belated one.

I've been spending some time on Facebook tonight, and I noticed that so many people have been commenting on what a terrible 2009 it was, and how they hoped it would be better in 2010.

I didn't notice. I had a pretty good 2009, and so did most of my family.

I married my very gorgeous husband 6 months ago tomorrow. I have had the privilege of meeting my very first nephew, and watching his first Christmas, and the joy that he has brought my brother and sister in law. Not to mention my parents, who are both besotted with their first grandchild. My mother retired from work, and finally acheived her dream of selling the house that she bought with my father and starting afresh. My smallest sister started school, and is loving every second of it - socially and intellectually. Did I mention marrying my gorgeous husband? My other brother didn't die in his nasty car accident the week before our wedding. I am so thankful for that. My cousins, my childhood partners in crime that I hadn't seen for 20 odd years are both back in my life. It feels like a hole in my heart has been plugged. I was there when my grandfather met 4 of his great grand children for the first time. My other sister has moved to Vietnam to teach for 2 years. I miss her like crazy, and Skype just isn't enough, but she will be home to visit in one month and 10 days. Yes, I'm counting. My stepfather has contributed to an exhibit at our Immigration Museum. I was so proud when I saw his name on the list (second!!!) of contributors, and photos.

It hasn't been all roses. My brother could have died. But he didn't. And he managed to escort my sister down the aisle a week later at our wedding. I hope every day that he can get past the drinking. But I have finally accepted that I cannot fix it - he must when he is ready. One of my closest friends had a stroke. But he is still alive - and rehab is going well. My mother in law is getting less and less connected with reality - a diagnosis of full blown dementia cannot be far away now. Yet her fantasy land seems to be a very happy place for her. If she is happy, and we can keep the world around her functioning, that will do me for now.

I hope that you see good things on the horizon for 2010, and enjoyed the festive season with your family and friends. Evalinn, your posts are making me hungry - I can only read them over breakfast.