Sunday, August 26, 2012

4 months

Today my beautiful daughter is 4 months old. I have loved probably 90% of those 4 months, although some of it has been the hardest work I have ever done.
She arrived by scheduled C section at 8.40am and came out yelling. We had no idea whether she was a boy or a girl until she arrived, so we had 3 names for each just in case. She is Lily May Vera.

Lily is a name we both love, and it works with our surname. My grandfather was over the moon that we chose it, as he was brought up by his Auntie Lil and is sure we used the name because of her.

May is the name my great grandmother was called ever since my father couldn't say grandma. It is also my maternal grandmothers middle name. My great uncle, her only son (Jelly, your friends father), told me that her sisters name was Lil.

Vera is named after a wonderful lady who lived next door to me and was a surrogate grandmother. I still have a photo of her on my fridge wherever I live. Lily will inherit a lot of her collection of dolls when she is old enough.

 Lily will probably be our only child due to the roulette of IVF, my age, and several complications found during her birth. At least we have her to enjoy.