Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel (fingers crossed it isn't a train!!)

A courier tried to make a delivery to my house yesterday. Apparently it was from the nice computer repair people. Shame they still couldn't get the delivery address right. Head, meet wall.

So I guess I'm driving across town in peak hour traffic to pick it up from the freight depot.

Oh shit, it's a train
I've just got off the phone from the courier company. They can't find the laptop - it isn't lost, they just don't know where it is. Everyone else's head, meet wall. On the plus side, I don't need to fight traffic, driving into the sun glare to try and get the laptop. Apparently I would have needed to drive further than they originally said. Yippee.

Best bit, they were quite happy to leave the laptop on my front porch without a signature. Not very valuable apparently.


velvet girl said...

Ooh, so close you can almost taste it, I'll bet! I can't believe that they would leave it on the porch. Then again, not their valuables, eh? Why on earth should they care? Unreal.


jellyhead said...

This tale of interminable debacles has me riveted (sorry, I do realise it's actually your LIFE and everything!).

I'll be back tomorrow for the next installment.

PS don't bang your head - just take your shoes off, put on some music, and have a nice glass of red!