Saturday, June 02, 2007

These dreams go on ....

Last night I dreamt that I slept in and when I went outside to get the paper I discovered that my brother had dug up the front lawn and put in a swampy marshy area which was full of reeds and lilies. It was absolutely stunning, and the lilies were all in bloom, with just about every colour, various shades of pink, white, a rich deep red, yellows and a very pale purple, so pale it was almost blue. It reminded me a little of a photo I took in Ballina when we were on holidays last year.

He said that he had changed the garden so that we had a better supply of water so that I could have the roses I wanted, as well as the camellias. I can understand the roses, because I have been coveting the blood red roses, so dark they are nearly black, with their rich scent. Camellia's have never registered on my radar though.

I woke up after this and had a bit of a prowl around the house. When I went back to bed I managed to get back to sleep, and found myself back in the dream. Unfortunately, my next door neighbour burst my bubble, although why he looked like Rupert Murdoch I've got no idea. He peered over the fence the way Wilson used to in Home Improvement and told me that it was an illegal water feature, and we would need to get it fenced off or fill it in because we were breaking the law. Then he told me that it was attracting mosquitoes and would continue to do so unless we could guarantee that the water would be constantly moving. Damn reality intruding on my dreams.

I've got no idea how the hell I came up with that one, but it is definitely bizarre. I've just worked out where the lilies and camellia's came from. I've been rereading Kerry Greenwood's Phryne Fisher series (I do like a romp through Melbourne in the 1920's) and there is a character called Camellia who designs Phryne's garden for her and includes lilies in one. There was a whole section about a Chinese custom of putting tea leaves into a lotus flower overnight creates an exotic tea. That is a relief.


monicker said...

Well, at least it started out as a nice dream. I have those too, where something wonderful happens and along comes some jerk to ruin it.

Princess Banter said...

Wow, quite some dream you go there. Such a mystery how our subconscious could come up with so much!

velvet girl said...

What a fun dream. What a wonderful dream brother to do something so nice. Dream mosquitoes? Add some dream koi.

Oh, I finally got the interview questions ready to send you, but you don't have an e-mail address listed. I can either leave them in comments or you can get in touch with me via the e-mail address on my profile and I can send them to you. Either way. Leave a comment on the interview meme if you just want me to leave them here. :)

Loving the dreams, btw. They're so like the odd kind that I have!