Sunday, August 12, 2007

Spinning around

I feel like life is spinning faster and faster at the moment. I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm struggling to find 5 minutes to myself. I'm being constantly bombarded by people wanting a piece of me, by noise, by committments. The phone rings, another email arrives, my mobile beeps to tell me I've got another message. I'm trying to keep my head above water and stay sane. Today it just feels too hard. I'm not that important or essential. The world will survive if I don't do everything right now.

I need to say NO more often. I need to drive home that when I say NO I mean it.


jellyhead said...

It's an awful feeling when life seems like total chaos, isn't it?

Saying no more sounds like a great plan. Maybe you could make a list of some specific changes that will help restore your peace of mind ....

I'm kinda dreading work today too. Maybe I'll blog for therapy later :)

thethinker said...

I know the feeling.

One day I'd like to disconnect myself from the whole world. No phone, computer, people. Nothing.

velvet said...

Saying "NO" is an important and incredibly hard lesson to learn and unplugging from life is hard to do.

Good luck and I hope that you're able to put your foot down so that you can get what sounds like a well needed break soon!

Mike M said...

You go girl!! No means no. Take on only what you feel comfortable with.

Make sure you leave time for yourself too.

evalinn said...

Yeah, sounds like u need to stop for a minute. Find out what u want and what u need.