Friday, November 23, 2007

7 things

Betty tagged me with this meme ages ago and I've finally got my act together enough to do it.

1. Words are fun. I love playing with words and names. This has been pretty unfortunate for some of my pets, especially my rabbit Hopalong Casserole. I really enjoy stupid punning wars, and find they are a great shortcut to friendship. One of my favourite word games is based on a stupid joke. Q How many surrealists does it take to change a lightglobe? A Fish. The aim of the game is reverse word association. Whatever you say can't be associated with what the previous person said. It isn't easy - just don't do it when you are the driving.

2. I like voting. We have a Federal Election and I have to vote tomorrow. I hate the election campaign itself, and I'm so sick of seeing and hearing politicians ad nauseum, ad infinitum. I'm really excited that I get to walk down to the local tennis club or primary school, get myself ticked off the roll as having voted, get given 2 pieces of paper and a pencil and go and stand in a cardboard box to fill in the papers. I'll number 1 to 6 for the lower house, and then I'll select below the line for the house of review. I love standing in those cardboard boxes. Apparently that's odd.

3. I've always wanted to kiss the Blarney Stone. One thing I've always wondered is; if you already have the gift of the gab and you kiss it, does that mean you talk less? I'll try it September 10 next year, and I'll let you know.

4. I love that the spam folder of my gmail gives me Spam recipes. I can't imagine myself trying any of them in a pink fit, but I love some of the choices - Spam burritos, Spam Confetti Pasta, Spam and Cheese pancakes.

5. I'm a hoarder. I really struggle to throw anything out. What happens if I throw something out and I need it later?

6. I hate changing lightglobes.

7. I'm really scared of losing someone I love. My mum's recent emergency surgery and slow and painful recovery showed me just how scary it can be. It showed me just how much I wanted to say, and how much I can't imagine life without people I love.

If you want to do this meme, go for it. I'm leaving it open for anyone who wants to. Just let me know if you've done it and I'll come and read it.


jellyhead said...

It's good to find out a bit more about you. For instance your punning habit and your stunning rabbit. Seriously, that rabbit has got THE best name and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

I hope you have a whale of a time at the polls (!) and a great weekend generally!

Mike M said...

Wonderful!! Great meme! I will write you back soon. Busy weekend

thisisme said...

Thanks Jelly, I had a ball voting. I'm a bit disturbed that I had to go up to 68 for the upper house this time, and one of the candidates is actually a member of a WA party. Strange.

Mike, have a great busy weekend. When you have time is fine.

Anonymous said...

great to read this!!

I love the election booth as well and filling out all the numbers. It feels like we are doing something very important :)
Pity I have to vote today with my 3 kids. It will make me rush.

Yes, I am deathly afraid of loosing my parents, my brother or my kids. That stuff can keep me awake at night. I am so grateful for them.

Meme's are fun hey!?

Anonymous said...

oh yes, hhaha, the rabbit's name cracked me up by the way!

So much more original than my rabbit's monicker: fluffy.

wow. I wonder how long it took me to think up that ripper.

thethinker said...

Eww... spam and cheese pancakes??

Who comes up with that stuff?

In_spired said...

5. I'm a hoarder. I really struggle to throw anything out. What happens if I throw something out and I need it later?

My husband's thinking...exactly!!!

Have a great week-end, TIM!!

Janie said...

Cute name for the rabbit!

velvet said...

I had a fish that I'd named Sushi.

The thought of losing someone you love is truly scary. I hope that your mum is better!

Mike M said...

Tag!!!! You're it! Come see

evalinn said...

Interesting! (I love throwing things away...)

In_spired said...
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In_spired said...

The deleted comment was mine! I goofed.

Just wanted to say Good Morning...or Good Evening...whichever it is on your time!