Monday, May 04, 2009


I've been really remiss in posting lately, but I seem to have been flat out crazy busy. Since my last post I've run a trivia night, sent off our wedding invitations and had a lovely month settling into our home with my gorgeous man.

It feels like home now. Tonight I was organising dinner for tomorrow night, and it just felt so right that I was standing in our kitchen chopping vegetables for the shepherd's pie. Yesterday we went plant shopping, and I was so excited to get a double grafted lemon and lime tree. I miss my lemon tree from my old house, but I'm very pleased to say that the rosemary has thrived. It is fun planning our weeks and our time together. And our time apart.

I'm sure we have hideous couply moments, but right now, everything is good.


Jellyhead said...

What a lovely, happy post! I'm so glad everything is rosy in your world.

Things are good here, too - just have lost the urge to blog lately!

When's the wedding? (if it's not too rude to ask?!)

velvet said...

Sounds simply lovely! I'm so glad that you're in the moment right now, savoring it all. Enjoy and I'm glad that you're settling in to your new home with your wonderful man!