Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yes, I do still exist

I have been horribly slack. I've been slightly distracted by our wedding and honeymoon. Now I'm working on returning to normal life. I'm getting there, but there are days I think I would rather be on a beach in Thailand, or running around at our wedding radiating joy.

Our wedding was truly wonderful. So much of the day didn't go according to plan, but the most important things did. I married my wonderful husband (yes, feel free to count how many times I still say that!) and we were surrounded by people who love us.

It was fun. I lost count of the number of times I was told to stop talking as people wanted to take my photo and my mouth was open. I'm thankful for my good friend who told everyone just to get me on the upswing. I am thankful that my brother survived the car accident a week before the wedding and was able to attend and escort my sister down the aisle. I am amazed that my cousin found the strength to come to the wedding and sat in the pew with her estranged father, and they have been talking since. I am even happier that she bought her entire family for lunch the next day, and my grandfather met some of his great grandchildren for the first time.

I am still laughing at my grandfather asking us for more great grandchildren less than 24 hours after we were married. I am still entertained by my other brother taking his very pregnant wife (due tomorrow!) for a dance and telling me that he was taking his wife and kid out for a spin.

My sister was surrounded by family. I was so glad that she has those memories as she has started teaching in Vietnam for at least 2 years. Looking at the photos in her apartment, I am so proud to see photos from the wedding stuck into her mirror.

Yes, that is me in the photo above. Everyone who has seen it has just laughed at it, and said it was so typically me. I think that is a good one to remove my anonymity with.


Jellyhead said...


You still exist alright, and you look so joyous in that photo :-) Thank you! for posting a photo of yourself, and in your gorgeous dress and all. Congratulations on marrying your HUSBAND! and glad to hear all the important stuff went well.

Jellyhead said...

Hello again.

You won't believe this, but I was looking at my friend Craig's FB page, and there you are!!!!! Must be that six degrees of separation thing - except less than 6 degrees!

I tried to send you a message on FB but it kept saying some silly message about 'must choose a recipient' (even though your name was listed at the top as the recipient - I don't understand these things). Anyway, if you do want to stay sorta anonymous on your blog, you might want to change your FB photo.

Can you believe what a small world it is? :-)

XO Jelly

Jellyhead said...

Yes, he IS the legal one who lives on an island! But would you please do me a favour and NOT tell your cousin (can't believe he's your cousin!) that you know a blogger called 'Jellyhead' who is his friend? Because he is the one who calls me that! (yes, I know, the coincidences are frightening here!!) so he would know instantly which friend I was, and then could read my blog. Yikes! If you've already told him, don't worry - I'll survive!

I'll try to message you again on FB so at least the scores are even ie so you know who I am, too :-)

velvet said...

Beautiful picture and beautiful bride! Congrats to you and your husband!!

evalinn said...

It´s a wonderful picture and it´s great to see you so happy! I hope I´ll se you around?

Sophia said...

Wow, you look so happy! Good luck!

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