Thursday, May 17, 2007

In your head

I often wonder what really happens inside my head, and how my thought processes do what they do. How do I remember some very peculiar things, but can't keep track of where the keys are?

This week has had some pretty special examples. I was at my physio appointment on Tuesday, and my physio asked me what I had given my mother for Mother's Day. A pretty reasonable question, and it was only 2 days after the fact. What did I say I'd given Mum? A watermelon and three bags of potting mix. She looked at me askance, and I tried again. I gave mum a watermelon and three bags of potting mix. I felt myself giving that head shake that you do when you are trying to get something out of your head and tried again. I gave mum a watermelon and three bags of potting mix. I gave up and wrote it down.

I think I've got an evil sprite living in my head, programming the very scary jukebox from hell. So far this week on high rotation I've had Blame it on the Rain by Milli Vanilli, Take it from me by Girlfriend, Help me Rhonda (conjuring up scary visions of Gordon from Melmac) by the Beach Boys, Delilah by Tom Jones (velvet, that was you!), and Zombie by the Cranberries. The only way that I know how to get rid of any of them is to start singing god save the queen. I don't mean the lyrics either, just that dum dum dum dum dumdum over and over, clearing the mind for the next scary set of song lyrics.

The words that I'm thinking in my head aren't the ones that I'm typing either. This blog entry has taken ages to do, because I have to keep rereading and realising that when I type wear I really mean where. It has happened with the other thing I've been writing (aka righting) too - I seem to have a bad case of the typing homophones. It really is most disconcerting. Even more unfortunate has been my inability to type my name incorrectly. If one vowel is replaced by another vowel, my name becomes something quite obscene. If nothing else, I've been very entertaining for the people around me.

Oh, and for those who may be wondering, it was a wheelbarrow.


jellyhead said...

Now you have me trying to guess your name!! Regina? - no, that would require a vowel AND a consonant to be changed. Um, Panis? Vilva? Fellatia? tee hee

velvet girl said...

Were there at least a watermelon and three bags of potting mix in the wheelbarrow? ;)

Sorry about the Tom Jones song, but I'll have to say that I didn't even think about it until you left your comment. Wouldn't you know that it got stuck in my head then. Who'd have guessed that would happen? Har har!

I have those kind of days that you mentioned all the time, too, and I never type my real name correctly... I get the right letters, but wrong order.

Food lick with the spelling thing. I mean, wood lock. Aagh! Good luck!

evalinn said...

It´s great that u´ve figured out a way to get rid of annoying songs. Next time I´ll try that too.

And I too often wonder how may brain works. So do my friends.