Saturday, September 29, 2007

6 days, and a whole world

I got my first letter from my sponsor child yesterday. She is a 4 year old girl. She loves to play dancing and will try to be a good girl. I wonder what her life will be like in future years. Will she reach her goal of becoming a doctor when she grows up? How does she know at 4 that she wants to be a doctor? She lives in Burma (Myanmar), 700 kilometres from the capital city. Is the violence in her country affecting her now?

Last night I babysat my little sister. Sorry, childsat. She isn't a baby anymore. She is 6 days younger than my sponsor child. She loves to play dancing too. Last night she insisted on wearing her Little Mermaid dancing costume to bed.

I look at the contrast between these 2 girls, and I am thankful for my life. My sister does not need to rely on people from another country to help her with her education. We take clean water for granted. We don't need to go to the well for drinking water and we live in a house with more than one room.

We wrote a letter to my sponsor child last night, and my sister drew a picture for her. Apparently we can send flat gifts with the letter. One of the suggestions is stickers. We are going to choose some. My sister loves stickers so she is looking forward to helping me choose.


velvet said...

It's easy to forget how different other people's lives are from our own sometimes and that we take even the simplest things for granted. It sounds like you're doing a wonderful thing. :)

Mike M said...

You are doing a most honorable thing by this.
You never realize the impact you have on a child in a poor environment until you actually get to see it. I have and I can tell you it's the greatest smile you will ever feel.

thethinker said...

That is so nice of you to sponsor her. I really do hope she makes her goal of becoming a doctor.