Monday, September 03, 2007

I need some suggestions

As some of you may know, my brother is getting married in less than one month. As a favour to him, I've been putting the music for dinner and dancing at the reception together. We've got the dinner music sorted, but I'm looking for suggestions.

What songs make you get up and dance at parties and at weddings? We've got a very mixed age group, so any suggestions will be gratefully received.

I promise I'll post the final list of songs used for all parts of the night - either before or afterwards.


jellyhead said...

OK this is where I expose myself as a complete geek....

I would always dance to
*'Love Cat'
*'Do You Love Me?' (don't know if that is the title, but you know - do you love me? Now that I can dance' - that one!)
*The Gwen Stefani one with the 'OOO-ooh....ooooo-oooh' bit. Can't even think of the words!!
*'Let's Hear it for the Boys'
*'Rhythm of the Night' from the
Moulin Rouge album
*'We`are Family' - always a good wedding-themed dance song too!
*'Walking on Sunshine'

Are you seeing a theme here? A mostly daggy, old-person's, 80's sort of theme?

Will try to think of some more modern stuff I like too!

Esri Rose said...

Kiss, Prince
Play that Funky Music, Wild Cherry
Brick House, Commodores
Super Freak, Rick James
Kick, INXS

Was updating my Blogspot profile, and ran across you because you also like Kerry Greenwood.

Mike M said...

Picking dance music from the 70's Seems to get everybody dancing. It did at mine.

evalinn said...

Since it´s a mixed age group, and probably a mixed taste in music anyway, try to play different kinds of music - some contemporary, some 70s, some 80s. I find 70s and 80s work real well for weddings. To hear favorite oldies always makes people want to dance! But a good mix is best, so throw in some contemporary as well.

evalinn said...

Come pick your prize up from this week´s competition!

thethinker said...

I think that the Gwen Stefani song that Jellyhead was referring to is "The Sweet Escape".

As for music to dance to... I don't really listen to dance-able music. And, I don't really go to parties and weddings (yes, I'm pathetic).

Princess Banter said...

Oh how lovely! Congratulations to your brother :) I would suggest "King and Queen of Hearts" by David Pomeranz as the first dance of the bride and groom. I looooooove that song!