Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blast from the past

Yesterday I spent 57 minutes trying to find a car park at one of my local shopping centres. Fun isn't the first word that springs to mind. I didn't get as frustrated as I could have done though, as they had an endless musical loop playing.

For a lot of people, the constant playing of the Urban Cookie Collective's "I've got the key, I've got the secret" would be one of the circles of hell. It catapulted me straight back to the summer of 1993 - 1994 when I lived and breathed cheesy pop music for 3 months. I volunteered at a community radio station during test broadcasts. The whole point of the test broadcast was to prove that the station could meet community needs and had an audience.

Driving around the carpark yesterday, I flashed back to the songs that just didn't stop that summer - Sing Hallelujah, What is love by Haddaway (responsible for one of the worst jokes of all time - What is love? If I haddaway I'd tell you), Dur dur d'étre bébé, Boom Shake the Room, No Rain by Blind Melon, All that She Wants, a remix of Walk this Way, It's alright, Oh what a night, Can we talk, One, I will always love you, End of the Road, This is it (the Ruth Campbell version), Gimme little sign, I've got the key, I've got the secret, the Chipmunks version of Achy Breaky Heart and Agro's version of Ballroom Blitz. Some of those songs I'd still be quite happy never to hear again. I was quite surprised to find myself thinking fondly of a lot of them yesterday though. I'm more stunned to realise how many of them are already on my ipod.

I thought that most of that part of my life was over. I don't expect to find myself back in the adult version of school camp ever again. I don't think my liver could cope with it again. I know my sleep patterns couldn't. I left the group about 18 months later - I couldn't stand the politics, and the constant jockeying for positions. Now, thanks to that song, and Facebook, that part of my life has come back.

I wonder if I can keep the good things, and let the bad things go.


jellyhead said...

Fifty-seven minutes looking for a park???? And you didn't spit the dummy and drive home after 30 minutes?! You are a *saint*, do you hear me? An absolute saint!

All those songs had me nodding in recognition. Some of them had more importance than others - like when my best friend's long term boyfriend broke up with her, and she came to stay with me for a week, and everywhere we went the shopping centres were playing 'It Must Have Been Love' ('....but it's OVER now')AAAARGH! She was driven to tears time & time again by that one song!

So you once were a radio DJ, huh? You are a woman of many talents, thisisme!

Mike M said...

DJ THISISME!!!! You rock, girl!!

Buy a big SUV and park where you want. If someone is in the space, just park over them. HA

Betty Boob Hug said...

hiya, I've popped over from Monicker's blog.
I had to smile at your songs you pulled out, oh boy does that give me some memories as well. I was in Canberra when all that stuff was playing and I used to frequent a place called The Private Bin and snog army boys. Do you remember the song "Whoomp there it is?" by tag team? I loved it!!

anways - those damn melbourne shopping centre carparks. Kath n Kim does it so well, showing how you have to zip around and around just to spot one.

glad I found you!

In_spired said...

"I wonder if I can keep the good things, and let the bad things go."

I have wondered this same thing so many times in my lifetime. I've found comfort in the scripture of Isaiah 43:18-19 where God says to forget the former things and don't dwell on the past. He's doing new things in our lives today! We just have to recognize the fact that He's at work in our lives.

I don't want to sound "preachy" but your last statement grabbed me in the heart area!