Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Reflections

Monday night, and the weekend is long gone.

My mum celebrated the last birthday of her sixth decade. We had a family lunch at the same beachside restaurant that I had my first farewell lunch at last year. We were disappointed that the entertainment wasn't repeated. It was lovely to sit in the sun with the sea breezes, watching the yachts on the bay. After lunch we went back to mum's house to play with her new toy. She was very excited when my stepfather presented her with a game of quoits. Mum decided that we all needed to play by the rules that were included with the game. So we stepped out 9 feet and used a hockey stick to mark a throwing point. We sucked. We all threw about 60 times each, and only one of my brothers, my sister in law and my stepfather managed to get the quoit over the pole. Heck, we sucked big time. We even tried with our eyes closed. I laughed so hard when I was throwing with my eyes closed I didn't get anywhere near the pole. I guess I was the comic relief.

Yesterday I had an invitation to a 4th birthday party. I had to go and get the rest of his present first, so I accidentally bought 4 books* - the glorious Waterhole by Graeme Base for the birthday boy and the rest for me. I'm thoroughly enjoying Fridge Magnets are Bastards right now. I had the privilege of watching my favourite almost four year olds tear the wrapping paper from his stilts and his book, and then practice walking on the stilts. I do enjoy being his honorary aunt.

One of my favourite things about his birthday parties is that I get to catch up with such a varied group of friends. We celebrate and mourn together. Some of these people have been my friends since the 1980's. This weekend we were celebrating an unexpected but very welcome pregnancy. We were also the ears for the end of a 12 year relationship. Politics and religion got a good going over too.

These are the people that ground me. They are the important people in my life. Without them my life would not be as rich. I'm very lucky to have them in my life.

*They just fell into my arms. Really. It was an accident.


In_spired said...

Thank you for stopping by my Home and for your lovely comment! I've enjoyed reading your post about the people 'who ground you.'

In fact, I've read several of your posts and admire your down-to-earth style of writing.

I look forward to reading more about your life and experiences.

Mike M said...

Very good post! I enjoyed reading it.

evalinn said...

Sounds like u had a great weekend, hope u're enjoying this one too!

thethinker said...

Accidentally? A likely story.

Mike M said...

Tag!!!! You're it! Come see

Anonymous said...

I love those waterhole books - my boys spend ages reading them.

yep, nothing is better than being in a family that loves you, knows you and doesn't judge you. Well, they might JUDGE you but they still love :)

thank you for my comments on my blog xx

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