Friday, December 28, 2007


Shallow pools of water splashing as raindrops hit.

Birds stand on the edge, with their heads cocked, waiting. Splash! The first jump. Water droplets fly upwards, mingling with the rain. Another bird takes the leap. One in, all in. The birds jump from puddle to puddle, splashing each other.

Tomorrow the puddles will be gone.

** I wrote this after rereading an email I sent to a friend. I was describing what was happening in my backyard after the heavy rains we had last week. So I pinched a couple of the sentences and edited them. **


jellyhead said...


I like your work! ;-) It's good to read these 'flash fiction' pieces - you do them so well. Thanks for giving me the info about joining in.

XO Jelly

Anonymous said...

'one in, all in'

I like that dad just set up a huge bird feed and perch in the backyard and I am actually starting to enjoy watching the different types come down and have a look and a play. there is lots of rivallary happening as well! school yard bullying stuff. very amusing sometimes.

Happy birthday and happy Christmas!!

In_spired said...

I took a course in descriptive writing many years ago. I didn't do well in the course and I'm still not successful in descriptive writing.

But you are a wonderful descriptive writer!! I love reading your posts...

Bappy New Year, coming up!!