Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I thought that I would have a look and see how people found my blog last year. Random factoids entertain me, but some of these really entertain me.

16 searchers have found me using the term "random questions"
5 searchers have found me using the term "thisisme". I suspect that some of those may have been me having a mental blank for the URL of my blog
4 searchers have found me with "fridge magnets are bastards"
4 also found me with "perception of swearing", "why do you build me up buttercup" and "anthony morgan - east melbourne"

My favourites though, are the many that pepper the 1 searcher numbers - all the variations on the words to "build me up buttercup", the variations on the lyrics to "Do they know its Christmas" and the variations on the "snakes, why did it have to be snakes" quote. I'm glad to see so many people seem to hate Hewlett Packard as much as I did. I don't love them now, but I'm not that keen on holding the grudge.

I can't answer many of the questions that the search terms raise. If you have any suggestions for answers, I'm sure it will help the next random enquiry.

"Define Sooliamon". I wish. If Neil Diamond ever reads this, I'd love for him to answer that.
"letter to taxi companies about stuff left on the taxi". Try your local taxi company or directorate
"What animal does salami come from?". I don't know, and nor do I know why so many people come here looking for the answer
"can't find any key" - oops, sounds like a Homer Simpson moment, although, technically, this happened twice - only one person used the apostrophe though
"what is love chipmunk" - I don't think I'm rated to answer that one
"small round supple boobs" - ditto
"snakes with coffee" - I know I have random dreams - I didn't know other people searched for them
"excellent rhys muldoon" - well, der!
"what is october" - oooh, pick me, I know the answer to that one! It is the month between September and November
"this is random" - yes, yes it is
"cliff richard stepfather" - I'm not sure - is he one, or has he one?
"jingle bells batman smells robin flew away lyrics" - I love that there is a mind sufficiently twisted to search for this.

Can anyone help these tortured souls?


MyUtopia said...

I am intrigued by this one: "fridge magnets are bastards"

thethinker said...

What is love chipmunk? Hmm... That person is very strange.