Saturday, March 08, 2008

FFF Challenge

Light bouncing through the colours, sending coloured fragments onto the windows and around the shop. The colour moves and changes as the light hits it. Red and green, orange and silver, purple and gold, blue and yellow. Everywhere there is glittering jewellery; on the window shelves, on the hanging racks and in the display cases.

From the inside

I wonder if those 2 women are ever going to come in? They are here every day at lunchtime, drinking their juices, pointing at our jewellery. I wonder if they are ever serious, they are always laughing. Maybe I should go out and ask them if they are interested in looking at something more closely.

From the outside

"Everything is so shiny. Oooh, look at that one".

"It's pretty, but if I wore that my earlobes would reach my shoulders. Check out that one". "Oh pretty. My amber is better though".

"I want that one - it would be perfect with my black dress". "No, diamonds would be better".

"Better go back to work"

Authors note: I've been wanting to do a multipart 55 for a while, and my lunchtime window shopping was the best inspiration I had. I wanted to do a descriptive piece, a monologue and a dialogue. Hopefully it worked.


Janie said...

I like it. I thought you were there, really, listening to them.

In_spired said...

Loved this FFF Challenge!!

Creative, yet so....realistic!! Do more!!