Monday, March 24, 2008


More of my grandfathers life is coming to light.

Apparently his first wife divorced him when my mother was 10. We don't know if my grandmother knew that she was married to a bigamist. All my mother knows is that her mother had a big 50th birthday party that year.

So many secrets that have been buried with his death more than 30 years ago.

I'm fascinated, yet saddened by it.


jellyhead said...

Wow, that is fascinating. I can see how it would also sadden you, though, to know there are secrets no-one will ever discover.

Did you have a good Easter break? Did you stop working so hard for the entire 4 days? ;-) I hope you had a lovely time - you and your long-lost kittycat both!

In_spired said...

I have felt for many years that there were "unrevealed" secrets, in my mother's young life as well as my father's...But now...everyone is gone that might be able to shed some light. The old adage "let sleeping dogs lie" might be best after all... I don't know whether I would be fascinated or...saddened.

Mike M said...

Those who life by secrets, die by them. :(

evalinn said...

What a story!

The nailpolish is Depend, no 98. I think it might be a Scandinavian brand and not easy to get ahold of..?

Janie said...

I can see how you would be fascinated and saddened.

A mystery.

Be encouraged, friend. God knows.