Monday, September 11, 2006

Consumed by blogging...?

Apparently my blog owns 12.5% of me. I'm quite relieved, I was starting to think that it was consuming more than a bit of my time and life. Yes I know that this survey may not be the most scientific way of checking, but it will do for me right now... Now, if someone can do a survey on all the blogs I read each day, I might have a slightly different result.


jellyhead said...

12.5% is quite OK, right? Not too much, shows you have balance in your life.

I apparently am 25% owned by MY blog. That seems a little excessive. I am going to have a stern talk with my blog.

By the way, Sydney is going to win the AFL. That's what Fatty says, and I always believe what he says. (ha!)

thisisme said...

Balance - must try to find me some of that. Do you think they stock it at Coles?

Good luck having that stern talk with your blog - I hope it behaves better than mine has been today :)

Stuart said...

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