Saturday, December 09, 2006

I am not a packhorse

Last night over dinner we were talking about handbags. One of the guys was teasing his girlfriend about her handbag and how she needs to carry so much more than him, but never seems to have what she needed. So one by one, we were challenged to turn out our bags and prove the use of the contents. I managed to explain all of mine, and think I disappointed him by not having anything particularly surprising in there.

Right now, I'm carrying around:
Mobile phone
Work security pass
Tube of 30 plus sunscreen
Lip balm
Aveda blue oil
Sock for my phone - not on it, but separately
A keyring torch - it has come off my keys, but I've still got it in my back - the light still works.
Ines of my soul by Isabel Allende
4 pens
2 lipsticks
Vanity Fair with George Clooney on the cover

What is in your bag?


jellyhead said...

thisisme, you have asked a scary question. Your hangbag sounds very minimalistic. My bag is ... bulging.

It contains:
* keys
* sunnies
* phone
* purse
* small diary
* a packet of Nurofen
* chewing gum
* lip gloss
* lipsticks X 2
* a pen
* Blockbuster video coupons
* tissues
* baby wipes
* assorted receipts
* Pizza Hut coupons
* an unwritten postcard

There is nothing cute about my handbag.

thisisme said...

confession time - the only reason my bag sounds so minimalistic is because I cleaned it out on Thursday night - give me a week and it will be full of wild and wonderful things again :)