Saturday, December 02, 2006

Skunk as a drunk

Yes I am. But I'm still bouncing off walls and it is 2.45 am.

I just met someone from my list and he was a sweetheart. Anthony Morgan just moved himself further up my list.

I had my first work Christmas party tonight and out of the 100 odd people there I knew 3. Yep count the masses. They all left early and I mingled for a couple of hours later, but then I started feeling really lonely and like I was pushing myself into groups of people who knew each other well, and found myself hitting more champagne than was good for me. Oh and the barman asked for my number. Smile, ego, smile.

I sent my babiest brother a message to see if he was at work - luckily he was - and walked the couple of kilometres to his bar. I walked in and just felt so instantly welcome - more of a community than the disjointed groups at my work party. There was a group playing poker, and another group there having a bucks night, as well as small groups just having a few drinks. Everyone was very chatty and welcoming, and I found myself floating between groups of people, and being introduced to everyone. Did I mention Anthony Morgan? Oh well, Anthony Morgan. I got a kiss and a hug goodbye from him too. One guy and I kept pinching the same lines from each other - that was way more fun than is good for me. I laughed, I teased and I had a ball. All that and my lovely brother drove me home too.

Final count - champagne - 8 or 9, bottles of water - 1, glasses of water - 5, vodka, lemon, lime & soda - 5 or 6, glasses of semillion blanc (very hard to type right now) - 1. Bottles of water I've drunk since getting home - 1. Bottles of water I still need to drink before bed - 1. Hours until my hair appointment - 7. I have a bad feeling that a bacon and egg mcmuffin could be breakfast.

Did I mention Anthony Morgan - phwoar!!!

Sobriety - overrated. Ability to identify Patience by Guns'n'Roses by whistle - something to be pretty proud of.

My head is going to hurt when I get out of bed later this morning.

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velvet girl said...

Believe it or not, it actually sounds like fun (guess that it's been a long time since I've done something like that).

You met someone from your list?! Cool! That alone is something to celebrate.