Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Every time I get into the lift at work I'm convinced that I will drop my security pass and car keys down the gap at the front of the lift. Even when they are both in my handbag, I still have to feel around so that I am holding on to them in case I drop them.

I always scuttle right to the back of the lift, but even so, I can't let go of them until I am safely at my desk or at my car. It probably doesn't help that it is a two lift trip from the carpark to my desk.

Help me feel like I'm not completely nuts - tell me your irrational fears.


thethinker said...

I have an intense fear of elevators.

It doesn't matter if the elevator doors just opened, or even if someone is holding the "Door Open" button -- I fear that the doors will shut on my arms or legs.

velvet said...

I hate drains in pools and shower stalls, though pool drains are the worse of the two. It gives me the heebies to step on them.

Mike M said...

1)The fear of growing up!!

2) The fear of not achieving my goals even after I has achieved them. Meaning I have not reason to think I would fail based on past results, but I still fear that I'm going to miss the mark.

evalinn said...

Actually, we´re all nuts, and it´s ok! :-)

I have that same fear sometimes. A similar one is when I´m in a theatre on a blacony very hight up and close to the ceiling, and the seats are kinda sloping down, do u know what I mean? I feel like I+m gonna loose track of what´s up and down and will fall right over...