Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Random questions and obsessions

Is it a bad thing to keep clicking on banner ads for the Harry Potter movie so that I can delight in the joy that is Alan Rickman?

When doesn't the mouse on my work computer move things around the screen? When I've got my hand on the stapler and I'm moving that instead.

Why am I so obsessed with the song from this silly ad? Warning - it will get in your head and stay there. And just when you think you have got rid of it, back it comes.

It is probably not the best idea to ask your father if he is talking to the right wife when he is trying to reminisce with my mother and she hasn't got a clue what he is talking about.

I'm a bit too obsessed with the game Virtual Villagers. I thought I'd got past it, and then I found Virtual Villagers the Lost Children. Oops, back at it again.

Confession time - I'm thrilled to bits that the Spice Girls are touring. I'm less thrilled that they aren't coming to Melbourne. I'm a bit disturbed writing that as I'm listening to the Cruel Sea right now.

And a very special big hello to everyone visiting me from the Czech Republic


Mike M said...

I am really enjoying this blog!!

MyUtopia said...

-=sigh=- I was warned. Now it is stuck in MY head. : )

thethinker said...

I thought I was the only one who got really happy to see that the Spice Girls are going to tour again.

thisisme said...

Thanks Mike :)

myutopia - it just doesn't go away - trust me on this one - try singing god save the queen - seems to work for me

thethinker - I'll see you in the queue for tickets

velvet said...

I'm too much of a chicken to click on the ad link... it takes days to get that kind of stuff out of my head.

As for Alan Rickman, it's understandable. I also think that he's pretty, um, talented.

Princess Banter said...

Yeah I've just heard about the Spice Girls reunion too. What is this about reuniting boy/girl bands from the 90s? Is it an attempt to con people some money through nostalgia... because it surely does work for me! I was totally gutted when I missed Take That's concert haha!

jellyhead said...

hey, thisisme, how are you this fine ol' weekend? Hope you're sleeping better, and not dreaming psychedelic dreams in which you sing maked onstage with the Spice Girls (just to give an example)

XO Jelly

jellyhead said...

um, that would be NAKED onstage

thisisme said...

velvet, I fell over Alan Rickman by accident on tv last night. Oh the talents of that man.

princess, I'll see you at the concert.

jelly, naked, maked - whatever - either cracks me up:)