Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Home again

I've made it home again. I feel as if I've been living in another land, where time travels slowly but the outside world continues at normal pace. I don't really believe it is only Wednesday.

My surgery went well, even though I made my best effort to sabotage it. My arms are covered with various holes and bruises from my various drips, with the bruising made worse by me pulling things out in surgery and recovery. I plead unconsciousness as an excuse.

The night of my surgery I was kept in Intensive Care. I felt like such a fraud. My body was sore and my blood pressure was a bit low, but I was coherent and capable of walking and taking care of my basic needs.

It is a strange feeling being the healthiest person on a ward of very sick people. At night, I could hear every conversation that the staff had, including the Nurse Unit Manager arranging a funeral home to pick up someone who had died that day, the hospital gossip without which no hospital is complete, the soothing of fractious patients, and the beeping of the myriad machines.

I'm glad to be home. I'm gladder still that I'm not going back to work until the 29th and that I'm going to give my body the time it needs to recover. I'm gladdest about all the messages that I received - from you guys, my colleagues, my friends and most importantly my family - all wishing me the best recovery possible. Thank you.


jellyhead said...

Welcome home! I hope you continue to recover well and speedily.

Janie said...

Oh, wow! Welcome home and here's to a very speedy, thorough recovery!!!

In_spired said...

And, welcome home from *me*, also!! I didn't know how long you would be *incapacitated*, and was surprised when you made a comment on my blog!! Thank you, sweetie! Glad you're up and around...

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you are ok and back home safe.

I spent three nights in coronary care at hospital when I was 15 and I felt like a fraud as well (for very different reasons though)
I know how it is to look around and see people who are truly sick.

We all take our health so far granted don't we...until it starts to slide!

Wishing you well.