Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well I've got even less of a clue than I did the other day. I met with the MD of the new company today, and he wants me to meet with the joint MD next week and then talk to the international director of the team I would be working in some time soon - a phone hook up as he is kicking around Germany at the moment. Apparently I impressed the MD by asking the question that no one ever asks. I just wanted to know how he thought as a person, it wasn't to impress him.

I like the sound of the job, I like the sound of the challenges I would have and I like the sound of the people I would be working with. I don't want to miss out on new challenges because I'm hesitant. I don't want to waste their time.

I like the people I work with now. I could end up with a lot of new challenges in my current role. I don't want to get a reputation as someone who flits jobs often - I've only been there 14 months.

I have absolutely no idea what is right for me at the moment. No one can answer that but me, and right now, I don't know the answers. Sometimes I'm not sure what the question is either.


jellyhead said...

Ah, what a bother and a dilemma.

Maybe there is no 'right' decision. Could be that both situations will be fulfilling. I think with your evident brains and talent and people skills, you'll thrive whatever choice you make.

XO Jelly

Anonymous said...

I hate being stuck in a dilemma like this...there isn't any answers to give you, you'll just wake up one morning and have a feeling of what you want to do (I guess, that is how most of my big decisions get made)

I hope it's resolved for you soon!

In_spired said...

I'm not very observant. I came to your blog via Mike M and came to your profile. I've just now noticed that your field of work is accounting. I knew there were similarities in your work and my daughter. She's in financial consulting at the time....on the go more than at home. It's a long story but she loves the travel and the challenges that she meets from one company to the next. She has travelled to England, Brazil, and Italy...loving every minute of it.
She has had to deal with the same issues as you, several times!

Thinking about you...

Princess Banter said...

First off, congratulations :) Sounds like you've impressed one helluva big man in that company :)

There really is no right decision, as I've learned the hard way. I'm currently going through the same situation as you and I guess I've realized that I want to go where it makes me happy. And most of the time, the answer isn't so clear cut because I tend to blur the line between "making myself happy" and "making other people happy."

Nonetheless, I hope you get inspired to decide on which path to take :)

Anonymous said...

when in doubt, stay still!
ok, well, in other words, dont take the decision untill yr sure...

but keep looking.. because life will guide you.. give you th indications as to wat your path should be!