Thursday, February 07, 2008

It could all end in tears ...

Well today was a complete piece of poo at work. I walked in and copped a barrage of flak from a salesperson and the day went downhill from there. It was one of those frustrating days where I couldn't spend more than 2 minutes focusing on something without someone appearing at my desk with a question or a demand. Then 2 minutes later they'd be back wanting to know why I hadn't finished the thing they'd asked for 10 minutes ago. Aaargh.

I got so frustrated that when I got asked something this afternoon I pulled one of the managers into a meeting room and burst into tears at him. I told him that I was ready to walk out and not come back. It actually turned into an impromptu meeting where he took 3 pages of notes and we started brainstorming solutions. What started with me being really frustrated with my day and even more frustrated with bursting into tears ended up being really constructive. I think a few bottoms are going to be kicked.

He said that he doesn't want to lose me, and will do pretty much anything to ensure that I stay and I'm happy. I told him that I was hearing from headhunters and that some of the options were very tempting, offering me the chance to spend more time on what I enjoy and less time putting out fires and babysitting adults.

Meanwhile, in the headhunting world, they are checking my references. I've got no idea why they specifically requested me, and now are checking my references. I'm bewildered and still no closer to a decision.

I suspect I'm having some post anaesthetic blues too. I'm sure that doesn't help.


jellyhead said...

Thank you for the big hug you gave me over in my comments section, thisisme.

Here's one back...((hug)) You sound like you need one.

It seems this is a phase of change in your life - whether it be to make changes in your current job, or to move on to another. Change is always unsettling. Plus, like you said, you've just had surgery, which has its own effects.

I bet you'll feel 100% better once a few decisions are made, and you've moving on with things. In the meantime, write out your frustration as much as you like, and I'll return a virtual hug every now and then!

In_spired said...

I wish I had something very uplifting and inspiring to say to you...something meaningful and helpful. Just know that there are people out there that are pulling for you...including myself!

I don't know *jellyhead* but those are some pretty wise words she(or he) wrote.

It will all work out...hang on.

Janie said...

I'll be praying for you.