Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No news is ... no news

I haven't heard anything about the job since Tuesday last week. I got a call on Monday asking for referees to do a reference check and then they would be making an offer. I emailed their contact details through on Tuesday morning and I haven't heard a word since from the headhunter. I've heard from a couple of the other guys who work in the headhunters office, just checking in to see how I'm going, but not from the main recruity guy. It seems quite odd that they chased me, but now nothing. The 2 guys who called me are friends of my brother, and promised him that they would look after me.

The longer it takes, the more ambivalent about it I am.

I haven't cared a huge amount about it over the last few days, as I've been in a lot of pain. With the surgery I had last month, apparently I've overdone it in the last few days and damaged some of the weak muscles in my stomach. I'm back to square one with what I can do until it heals properly. Who really wants clean clothes or a clean house? I got quite a stern telling off from my surgeons office yesterday when I called to check and see if there was anything else I should do following the GP's diagnosis. All I've done for the last 2 days is sit in a chair or lie on my bed. Bored! I'm so going back to work tomorrow before I go nuts. I don't think I'm quite ready to drive yet though.

Our holiday is getting closer and closer though - on Saturday we went and paid for everything outstanding except our hotels in Dublin and Singapore. Less than 7 months til we go now.


In_spired said...

The most important thing right now is for you to recover from your surgery....completely!

All the rest will fall into place. Be patient.

Janie said...

Get better, girlfriend!