Monday, February 18, 2008


I had a very disquieting experience when I got home tonight. I had been to the supermarket, reversed into the driveway and popped the boot of the car. I talked to my brother through the back window about the shopping, opened the door and had a door to door salesman appear out of nowhere as I got out of the car. He stood there just watching me with his clipboard held up against his chest.

He told me that he was there as a representative of the energy distributor, and that they had received complaints about my current energy supplier charging more than the agreed amount. He then told me my full name, how long I had been with my current energy supplier and who they were. He then told me the rates that I should be paying, and that anything else was too much.

I told him that I wasn't interested, and asked him to leave, but he refused and kept talking. He put his clipboard down and started writing on it. I saw that his shirt said the name of another company. I asked him about it and he said he worked from the company written on his shirt, and he was there at the request of my energy supplier. I asked to see some identification and he said he didn't have any. I knew the name of the company on his shirt - I've had multiple telemarketing calls from them in the past. I've disproved some of the stuff they've told me then too.

I asked him to wait where he was so I could take my shopping inside - some of it was frozen/cold and it was still 32 degrees out (celsius). I hadn't even got past the front hall before he was at the front door wanting me to change electricity company. I dumped the shopping, checked the electricity bill - I just paid it so it was still sitting waiting for me to file it, told him the numbers he was giving me were irrelevant and to go away. He kept talking, and I asked him to leave or I would call the police. He didn't move.

I was really scared, and didn't know if my brother was home as his car wasn't in the driveway or out the front of the house. I've never been so pleased to see a looming 6 foot man in my life. I was less pleased when he told the man to go away, and then said that this is the third time I've had to say it.

I don't like complete strangers knowing that much detail about me, and I certainly don't want to have them staking out my house waiting for my return.

Tomorrow's to do list - call the energy distributor and the energy supplier. Not happy Jan.


Mike M said...

Dude.....scary. People like that just don't know how creepy they are!

Janie said...

Oh, my gosh! I think you handled that very well. I probably would have been in his face - and who knows what the results of that would be? Thank God for brothers.
I'm glad you're okay!!

thethinker said...

That is so strange. Once you threatened to call the police, he really should have left. Did he really think he could still sell you something at that point?

In_spired said...

ALWAYS be aware and alert!!

Take care...

Queenie said...

Well done you, it doesn't bear thinking about if it had been an elderly person. I think I would have stuffed that clipboard somewhere.

evalinn said...

How creepy, what was he thinking!?