Sunday, April 20, 2008

If it's Sunday, I must have a dilemma

I've been offered a job. A very good job. A job that would give me a lot of very nice benefits as well as good mental challenges. Being the uber geek that I am, I've spent a lot of time with a spreadsheet listing the pros and cons of each company. I'm pretty confident that I've made my decision, but thought it wouldn't hurt to list them here too.

Company A
The team
A lot to learn from Sales Director and Group Sales Manager
Leave for September/October already approved
Close to public transport
Able to be flexible when necessary for appointments

Hate the way that I am feeling at work - seem to be constantly angry, frustrated, bitchy and cynical
Don't feel like I'm doing my job - always seem to be supporting systems, not doing what I'm paid for.
To grow in my career with the company means moving to Sydney
Very little support from Sydney - I have had a new manager in Sydney since the beginning of January and still have yet to meet him.

Company B
New challenges
Mentored into a management role by August
The team
Going back to more of a start up feel - have more input into systems and processes
Working with a legend in my industry (who I really like as a person)
My September/October leave will be honoured (and paid)
Close to public transport
Career Development without moving to Sydney
International support to deal with work when needed without staying back
Additional resources
Team has international experience - a lot of different things to learn

Have to establish myself in a new company
What if I suck as a manager?
How much extra will I be expected to do with a crackberry, or is it just for emergencies within specific times?
Not sure just how much flexibility I will have - a crackberry should do it though

So, what do you think? I haven't listed any salary or benefit options - I'm reasonably confident that my current employer will do anything they can salary wise to keep me, so I'm not factoring that in at all.


Janie said...

sounds like company B is your choice....and you get to stay put!

The challenge will make you grow, but that's what we're supposed to do!

I'll be praying for you!

evalinn said...

B of course, that´s where your heart is telling u to go, and that´s where u should go!

the patient said...

Hi..I am also a workaholic and while I think about reforming, I am not there yet. Kudos to you for working at it. The new job seems like a no-brainer. From experience, that frustrated, bitchy feeling never goes away with the current job. For me, I always am questioning - what am I missing. Transitioning to a new job is the most exiciting thing I ever do. Don't kid yourself about the crackberry - it is like an electronic leash and must be managed to keep your sanity. I would probably be classified as an 'abuser' but could not get through the day without it.

From what you said - I would go for it - and never look back.

jellyhead said...

I'd have to agree with the other commenters.... especially as you are currently frustrated and unhappy in your job, with no clear way of changing these feelings.

I changed my workplace four years ago, after much soul-searching. I found the decision so wrenching -my boss had always been kind to me, but I tried discussing what the problems were & nothing seemed to be happening. I also knew the staff and my patients, and was afraid to leave.

Although I was a bit lonely the first few weeks, once I got to know people at my new workplace it was sooooo much better. Morale was good, and that included my own. Now it is (usually) a pleasure to go to work!

Sometimes it is hard to make a change - I know change scares me - but it is all too easy to stagnate if we don't assess things and move on from unhealthy situations. Your list seems to make it very clear you need to change jobs. Of course there are no guarantees in the new job, and you'll have to assess that position I guess as you go along, but you sound like you are deeply unfulfilled in your current position, which is no way to live. At least, not if there are any other options.

Course, this is just my humble opinion, based solely on what you wrote down!

All the best to you, thisisme

In_spired said...

I know NOTHING about business decisions but sounds like you have some great advice from others.

My best to you for *whatever* decision you make...

Sage said...

No-one can make you stay in a job, you give them your notice to leave and that's it period.. a good company will regretfully take it and wish you well.

If your new company gives you challenges that is good, it should also give you support for some of the issues you raised.

Listen to your inner voice, you will know which one is right for you...