Tuesday, May 06, 2008


It is a big year for celebrations in my family this year. Both my parents are turning 60, my stepfather is turning 65, my younger sister is turning 25, my youngest sister turned 5 and I'm turning 35 (eeek!!)

The next event is Dad's 60th birthday later this month. To celebrate he is holding an open house followed by a family dinner. I'm actually really looking forward to it now. Lots of our family are travelling interstate and intrastate, and I haven't seen some of them since my grandfather's 80th 4 years ago. Even the ones I last saw in September are cause for celebration.

In the last year or so I've felt that my life is coming full circle in a lot of ways. I seem to have been picking up connections from my past that I've dropped. I think I've been more at peace with myself, and more comfortable facing my fears, and knowing that I'm living up to my expectations, not anyone else's. I'm really looking forward to Dad's birthday party - both my parents will be there, many of their friends from my childhood and so much of my extended family.

Dad called me tonight. He wants me to arrange the music for his birthday. I'm really excited to do it. It is something that I can do which will contribute to the mood of the day, but is so very personal. He has asked for music of the 60's and 70's. It will be the soundtrack of his life, but in so many ways the soundtrack to my childhood too. My mind is whirring with the possibilities.


jellyhead said...

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey (and the sky is grey-ey!)

You'll have a hoot doing the music!

evalinn said...

Nice - we are planning my mom´s 60th birthday open-house-party later this month! And I´ll be 35 this year too, we should celebrate together! :-D

In_spired said...

Gosh! This post makes me so ancient!!

You (and evalinn) have such young parents. But what could a person expect from youngsters such as yourselves?

Have a great time! I know it will be great...

Janie said...

That will be awesome. And your music picks will be simply brilliant, I know.

Mike M said...

Now that is something to celebrate!! There are many thing seen by those eyes and the stories that have are the best.