Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Don't drink and dream

I went out for dinner last night. I had 2 glasses of white and 1 of red. Bad move.

I dreamt I was walking down a dirt track between 2 big muddy lakes with a friend from 15 years ago, talking about how our friendship had lapsed and changed. As we were walking, the track had ripples going through it. People were dropping from one lake to the other through the track, walruses were undulating through the track, and we had paused to look at one of the swimmers when a massive, mud coloured croocodile came up through the path and lunged for me. I managed to fend it off with my foot, but it kept coming back. The worst of it was that it was recurring - I had to keep getting up to go to the toilet, and whenever I went back to bed, the crocodile headed for my foot again. Weird. I've never dreamt of crocodiles or walruses before.


jellyhead said...

A-ha! This means that you will meet an attractive walrus this week. And also that if you'd taken the 'new' job, the boss would have been very aggressive (& may have even bitten your toes off)

Or maybe not. I'm not so flash at dream interpretation.

Hope you sleep better tonight!

In_spired said...

It's always a bad move if I have more than ONE glass of wine of any color! There's something about it that knocks me on my derriere.