Thursday, January 04, 2007


Happy New Year everyone!!

I've written some fantastic posts for my blog lately, but they have all been in my head when I've been driving or sitting on a train. Whenever I sit down to write them, I've lost them. Am I losing my mind? I don't think so, and if I was, I don't think that would be the best indicator anyway. Surely a better indicator would be making sure that when I drive to work I park on the same number floor of the multistorey carpark as the floor that I work on, so I only need to remember one number for the lift. Tragic but true.

Anyway, I've been frustrated with not posting, and velvet has saved me with the meme on her site (go visit, the trip is worth it!). So without further ado, here is the three things meme.

1. Three things that scare me
Losing someone I love
Someone finding out that I bluff my way through most of the day and don't really know everything
Waking up to find a stranger in my bedroom

2. Three people who make me laugh (so hard, I can think of many)
Emily's mum - anyone who can make me fall off the chair in tears from laughing deserves a mention
My sister

3. Three things I love
Falling asleep listening to waves crashing into the beach

4. Three things I hate
Being judged
Rude customer service

5. Three things I don't understand
The appeal of Paris Hilton
Why there is so much suffering in the world
Late night/early morning dating ads

6. Three things on my desk (right now nothing because I cleared it before moving it, so my coffee table is where I'm working)
Half a box of chocolates I was given for my birthday

7. Three things I'm doing right now
Watching Hollywood's best kept secret
Listening to my cat eat some more of his dinner
Wishing that it would stop being so damn hot and just rain

8. Three things I want to do before I die
Take a year to drive around Australia
Have children

9. Three things I can do
Curl my tongue
Remember completely useless information

10. Three things I can't do
Take my own advice
Walk past a bookshop

11. Three things you should listen to
Your mother
Your body - sometimes it is telling you something you need to listen to
Your gut instinct

12. Three things you should never listen to
Vacuum cleaner salespeople
How to vote cards

13. Three things I'd like to learn

14. Three favorite foods
Pfeffernusse (yes, the influence of Christmas is still strong)
Stinky blue cheese
Pink lady apples

15. Three beverages I drink regularly

16. Three shows I watched as a kid
All creatures great and small
The Muppets

Fingers crossed I can actually remember what I want to write soon - maybe next week in my hotel room I'll manage it.


velvet girl said...

OMG I thought that I was the only one with writer's block. Glad that I could help with some inspiration. :)

This was a great list! So many things to comment about...

-Paris Hilton's puzzling popularity: A-men!

-falling asleep to the sound of waves: sounds like heaven.

-skydiving: you're a braver woman than I am!

-M*A*S*H*- I loved that show.

What fun! I'm glad that you adopted this meme.


monicker said...

I think this is the time of year for blogger's block. Everyone's recovering from eggnog hangovers and trying to remember why they found a certain friend's underwear in their jacket pocket.

(I loooove stinky bleu cheese!)

thisisme said...

Thanks velvet

monicker (great name by the way), I really want to hear the story of the underwear in the jacket pocket now. Please spill ...

Franny said...

Okay, taking into account two of your three fave foods, you have to try a Waldorf salad (if you haven't already) I had one in NYC last year and have been addicted since! Also, I don't get the Paris Hilton thing too, and I thought I was the only one!

jellyhead said...

What a cool meme!

The 3 things you love are all some of my favourites, too.

Though, you have freaked me out a little with the mention of waking to find a stranger in your bedroom...arrrrrrgh!! Creepy! (now we are BOTH scared by this!)

Also, your favourite foods are waaaaay too healthy - cheese and apples??? What about pizza? What about chocolate cake? What about potato bake????! (I think I must just be a greedy porky pig!)