Friday, January 12, 2007

Thisisme's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Today I flew up to Sydney. I got to sit in the gate lounge at the airport until after I should have landed because the flights were late. I can live with a late flight.

Then I stood at the baggage carousel and watched a bag that looked just like mine go around and around in circles. Shame the ID number on the tag didn't match mine. To the person who had a bag that looked just like mine, I hope you enjoyed taking my luggage home with you. I didn't enjoy getting to my hotel room with no clean clothes, no toothbrush and no book to read after I finished "Ines of my soul" by Isabel Allende. Much less magic, much more realism, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And, then, the taxi driver. He gets a special post all to himself.

So I thought I would jump online with my trusty laptop, and at least keep myself amused with some surfing, some blogging and The Vicar of Dibley Christmas special. My laptop didn't turn on.

Right about now, I was ready to burst into tears. I wasn't dressed for work, didn't have work shoes, didn't have the work I packed in my suitcase, I didn't have clean undies or a toothbrush. I was frustrated with the laptop, now downgraded from trusty to tempermental - pretty quick change after 2 and a bit months.

The joy of my boy who was seriously considering getting on a plane to bring me some clothes, the outstanding service and support from the Qantas and Mercure staff were all bright spots in my day.

Discovering just how reliant on my computer I am - disturbing. Is it time for a 12 step program?


Franny said...

So sorry to hear about your misadventure. I can't believe all that happened to you in one day! Here's a pity hug for you:
Take care of yourself and have a drink for me!

velvet girl said...

Sounds like a ghastly trip! Big hug for you.

We're all really dependent on our computers... I didn't realize how addicted to it I was until I couldn't get on it when I wanted to last weekend. I was an irritable basket case. ;)