Saturday, April 21, 2007

I wish I had broken my ankle

No, I haven't gone nuts. I'm just frustrated. I'm so tired of having to rely on other people, and not having hand free to do things with, to carry things. Changing the sheets and remaking the bed are not fun. New 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets however ...

This week, both my GP and my physio have told me that being thankful I hadn't broken my ankle was slightly skewed, as it would take less time to heal. I've stretched the soft tissue on the outside of my foot really badly, and compressed the soft tissue on the inside of my foot really badly. It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since I fell, and I've still got a beautifully swollen and bruised ankle, which is generating enough heat to fry an egg.

I want to wear a pair of shoes. That would be nice. I don't own a shoe big enough to put over my tubigrip, my sock and the medieval torture device that is my brace. Although, if you put wheels, a toe and a stopper on it, it would make a great roller skate. Skateranch, here I come!~

I want to go out for dinner tonight, but it has been raining (bring it on!!) and everything is slippery and I don't feel like sitting through dinner with a wet foot. We are either going to get home delivery, or the boy will go out and get something for us. I don't like my chances of watching the new comedy show on the ABC though - my boy knows a bit too well how much Paul McDermott is on my list and will just offer to leave us alone. Might just record that one.


jellyhead said...

Have just come home from a rare dinner out with my boy (can I call him that even though he's 43?!). Now he's watching a footy match he taped (sigh!...where is the romance?!)

I hope you had a cosy cuddly night in... much safer with a bung ankle.

monicker said...

We stayed in tonight and said, screw it - let the rain come down. Hope you and the boy had a similarly pleasant evening.

Princess Banter said...

Sounds like mega-frustration coming from you. I know that feeling a bit too well. I hope all turns out better soon... hang in there, kiddo!

velvet girl said...

Wow, that sounds terrible! It's a good thing that you have such a wonderful boy to help out.

I hope that you start healing soon! (That makes at least two of us, right? ;) )