Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Driving to work this morning on the winding road next to the river with not another car in sight. I was surrounded by towering gum trees and the only sound I could hear was bellbirds. The only sign of human life was the 8 hot air balloons making their way through the sky.


jellyhead said...

Are you on some kind of happy pills or what?! Driving to work so early that no other cars were around and you're still all *chirpy* about it??! What's going ON here??!!!!

I'm obviously just jealous of your serenity.


thisisme said...

It wasn't even all that early - not as early as I got up this morning that's for sure! It is just one of those beautiful roads that goes to a main road and people forget about it so there often isn't traffic, just occasional bikes.

velvet girl said...

That sounds like a heavenly way to start the day. Sigh.