Saturday, June 24, 2006

Please just let it be good

tigtog made my day yesterday with this post. I was just a little excited, and then started thinking about how disappointed I would be if it sucked. I guess I'll be really happy if there is a tongue in cheek reference early in the piece to jumping the shark - that for me would do it.

But then I went back and visited twistys bj wars too. Definitely food for thought. I'm always fascinated reading what so many others have to say about their sexual experiences/beliefs, and then I tend to think just a little bit more about what I think and believe, and equally important, actually do, and wonder whether or not I'm deluding myself, or whether they are beliefs/mores that I can continue to live with. Around the bj wars, for most of my life it isn't something that I've enjoyed, even though, when I have, I've been told that I'm really good at it. Nice for the ego, but pretty painful to think about when I read some of the comments. I've evolved a little now, and only do it when I'm in the mood, but will then take it all the way. It isn't something that I can do casually - it will only happen when I trust someone and feel comfortable with them. I enjoy doing it, and enjoy bringing pleasure to someone I care about. I've been thinking about it since I read the posts, and I can live with that.

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