Saturday, June 24, 2006

Things that make me happy today

In no particular order, these are things that have made me happy today.

1. 2 day old leftover bolognaise sauce on toast for lunch - the garlic and the chilli have kicked in and it was good.
2. Curling up next to the heater with a cup of tea, a trashy magazine and my cat.
3. Listening to the rain outside. We haven't had enough rain lately, and I love to listen to it coming down, especially when I'm warm and cosy inside.
4. Waking up slowly in a nice warm bed, and being greeted with a smile and a cuddle.
5. Feeling virtuous about having changed the sheets, and knowing that the bed is already made ready for tonight.

And then, the mood breaker - the phone rings, and it is a telemarketer from AAPT trying to get me to change phone companies. It is Saturday people - my time - if I want to be sold something I will go to the shops - aargh!!! I'm not going to give these people the power to ruin my mood. I won't.

6. My new clothes. I found a cool store on ebay that is selling some gorgeous stuff - and I've got 3 new tops lately for under $120. I'm loving my scarlet wraparound top, and my black layered top. Nothing like putting on something you feel good in to lift your mood. Having said that, I'm actually wearing my favourite hot pink jumper today - warm and happy.
7. Invitations to celebrations. I'm not sure how I managed it, but I've got a stack of friends who have birthdays right now. I'm loving celebrating their special day with them, and knowing that I am special enough to them to have them want to share their day. Convoluted sentence, but I hope it makes sense!!!
8. The really special night I had last night - you know who you are, you know what we did!
9. We have passed the winter solstice - the daylight every day is going to keep getting longer again. I love daylight!
10. I can hear a kookaburra right now - yay!

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