Thursday, March 22, 2007

Headless chook

Where do all the hours in my day go? At the moment I feel like I am just chasing my tail around, never actually getting anything done. I don't normally feel like this until October or November, so I must be suffering premature holiday season.

I've been making an effort lately to get on top of all of the things that I let slide while work was the be all and end all of my life. I've actually been doing all those things that I kept putting on the list of things I really needed to do, but work was more important. Suddenly I've started putting a focus on my health and me.

I went to the dentist three weeks ago for a check up. I'm ashamed to admit that it was my first dental check up in over 5 years. I've only been to the dentist when there has been something wrong that needed urgent attention. That will teach me. From one check up, where they redid work from a previous root canal, and cleaned my teeth, I've had to make a stack more appointments. Three in fact.

The first one was last Friday, and I bolted to work afterwards, only to find myself in a session about company values. Pretty funny with as much anaesthetic as I'd had - whenever things got tense I would flare my nostrils and whoever saw me would crack up laughing - when only one nostril moves it is quite disconcerting. Centre of attention? Clown? Me? Surely you jest.

Yesterday I went again. My mouth wasn't very keen on going numb, so I ended up having to have 3 anaesthetic injections. Yeah, fun. As long as I can't see the needle going in, I'm fine. The anaesthetic worked a treat on the rest of me though - I fell asleep while my dentist was drilling. The last time dental anaesthetic had that effect on me I was having my legs waxed after a root canal. It's a good thing that I have only ever seen one dentist in my life, but still, it was more than a little embarrassing to be woken up by the dentist. Eeek. And to top it all off, my trout pout was better than Melanie Griffiths' and I could still do the nostril flare. Really looking forward to next Tuesday - I should just have a fat bottom lip.

To top it all off, I went and saw my GP this week too - referral for xrays and other tests because my right hip is sore and referring pain again, and my toenails on that leg have gone silly. The tests will all be over by Friday next week. Last time I felt like this I spent more than a year on crutches. Think healthy thoughts.

So glad I have private health insurance - I'm spending a fortune - but I'm worth it!

Don't have time to think about it though - much - I went to a launch party for the new Macy Gray CD tonight - enjoyed it and love a freebie, tomorrow night the boy gets the rest of his Christmas present with the Weird Al Yankovic concert, and Saturday we are heading rural to see his grandmother (and raid my fave secondhand bookshop). Sunday there is a christening and then a lunch. Phew!!


jellyhead said...

Wow, you have been busy!

I hope all the tests come back OK with your hip.

If it makes you feel less alone - my teeth are all falling apart, and I am now the proud owner of 4 crowns, having enjoyed (cough) 2 root canals - all this achieved by my mid-thirties.

Your weekend sounds like it will be much more fun - hope you have a great break from work/dentists/doctors!

velvet girl said...

Ooh, *shudder*! I think I'd rather vomit all night than go to the dentist. Don't feel bad about going 5 years between appointments... I've got you beat, though I'm way too embarrassed to tell you by how much. I finally caved, though. Still, I do not like the dentist.

Good luck with all your tests!


Liz said...

I went to the dentist a month ago after a seven year absence. I'd always put it off and I'd told myself that it didn't matter so much since I've never had a cavity in my life...well, now I have six little teeny ones. :( I'm getting the first two filled next Tuesday. I'm scared.