Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I'm confused - heck, I'm really confused. I've been seeing a lot of ads lately for Palmolive Pure Cashmere Shower Cream. The blurb has me stumped, and I'm reproducing it in the hope that I'm not going nuts.

"Experience the irresistible feeling of cashmere softness when you shower. Palmolive Pure Cashmere Intense Hydration contains extracts of 100% natural cashmere and moisturising milk. "

Am I strange? Have I missed Cashmere coming from anywhere other than goats? Does Palmolive really want me to shower and clean myself with extracts of 100% natural goat? I've smelt goats and I'm not sure I really want to smell like that on a daily basis, especially fresh out of the shower.


Lucy said...

haha, These ploys to hook us get more and more ridiculous! Moisturising milk? Is that goats milk?

velvet girl said...

Ew, put that way in the goat context, that's pretty gross. Not buying that!