Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh my!

My sister and I managed to get some pretty serious retail therapy in on Saturday. We found ourselves in a row of outlets near home - there is truth to the rumour that by the time we were done the car held new dinner plates and martini glasses, a new overnight bag, a new chopping board and new lingerie. And that was just me.

And then we entered the shoe shop, to be known forever more as Skanks are Us.

This one was one of the classier shoes in the shop. What disturbed me most? It wasn't that it came in 3 different colours. It wasn't that they had them in multiple sizes. It was that they had them on the discount table, but the $20 table instead of the $10 table. Might want to rethink that pricing.
Oh, and neither of us bought anything there!


velvet girl said...

OMG I think that even $10 might just be pushing it for those shoes and I don't even know the exchange rate. Single digits may be pushing it, too. ;)


Esri Rose said...

Hmm... It has