Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Weekend snapshots

Running through the rain in the crowded city to get to the Concert Hall. The smell of the rain, splashing through the puddles, and the heavy humidity.

The smells of second hand books as I rifled through most of the shelves in the second hand book shop. Many of them have a new and loving home now.

The smile on the boy's grandmothers face when she realised that we had dropped in for a surprise visit.

The shade of scarlet my boy turned when his grandmother asked him where he'd learned to kiss, and what I'd been teaching him.

Big gappy grins from the 8 month old guest of honour at the christening on Sunday.

The indignity of falling down in front of the supermarket in the darkness amongst on uneven bricks.


jellyhead said...

So, apart from the embarrassing fall, a pretty good weekend, hey?

Visiting your boy's grandmother sounds like it was a sweet moment.

Hope you're enjoying those books :)

velvet girl said...

Your boy's grandmother sounds like a real pistol! How fun.

These are great snapshots of your weekend... apart from falling, a good one. :)