Saturday, July 22, 2006

In vino veritas

I have 2 brothers. I have written about one of them before - the one who is engaged. I am closer to my other brother. He has had a pretty rough time over the last few years. I called him on Thursday night, and he and his housemate, who is also one of his best friends, were both more than a little drunk.

I got to have a conversation with his housemate, and was asking him if I could arrange for our youngest sister to come over to my house for a little while, whether he would come to see her there. He hasn't seen her lately, and every time she sees me she asks for brother - she thinks that when she sees me she will see him.

Housemate told me that every day at work, my brother puts a photo of him, me, and our youngest sister up on the work bench, and he thinks that is what gets him through the day.

I got off the phone, and burst into tears. I haven't stopped thinking about it for the last 2 days.

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