Friday, July 14, 2006

The joy of a germ infestation

That isn't a sentence I thought I'd ever write. I was pretty depressed and sooky the first few days of my leave - could not believe that I was finally having some time off work and then to get sick.

Oddly enough, even though I've felt absolutely craptacular this week, I've still had a pretty good week. I've managed to read the archives of some of my favourite blogs, and one of them managed to make me laugh so hard that I coughed so hard and passed out. Oops. Check out Magazine Man to see what caused it.

With enormous thanks to my brother, I managed to get lots of stuff out into my council's hard rubbish collection. So much left over by my last housemate all gone. What a relief.

The biggest change for me, and the best one, is that I've hardly watched any day time TV - I just discovered that Queer Eye is on at lunchtime, and today I'll watch some old Spicks & Specks. The TV is going off now though - Oprah just started, and it is a repeat I've already seen at least twice. Cancel that, I just found the very spunky Rhys Muldoon on the ABC - bless.

I've also been able to watch the ultimate soap opera this week - Howard v Costello. Who needs TV with that going on.

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