Monday, October 09, 2006

It worked!

We survived the family day. Everyone had a good time. I've spoken to every parental figure I've got today and they all had a good time. We all managed to keep Dad off speeches, and that is an achievement. The weather calmed down, with the wind settling down, and the warmth of the sun coming through right as we were about to eat. We all grabbed the food, and headed to the back garden to eat.

I loved sitting outside in the sun with the people I love most in the world, just watching. Watching my younger brother and sister doing cartwheels, handstands and round offs, and then helping the 3 year princess to do them. Watching little miss 3 start at the top of the garden and try to somersault her way down to the back fence was hysterical. Catching the escaped males in the loungeroom; 2 of them sneaking looks at Bathhurst, and one engrossed in a Patricia Cornwell book. Throwing tennis balls around the garden, from me, to Dad, to my brothers, to my sisters, hiding the tennis ball from little miss 3. Shrieks of laughter from all of us when little miss 3 took her pink skirt off and Dad put it on his head. Frustration when he took it off when I pulled out the camera. Damn. Sitting in the sun, just holding hands with my boy listening to everyone.

No wonder Monday hurt at work today.

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jellyhead said...

sounds like a blissful afternoon!