Saturday, October 07, 2006

Weekend planning

I had such a good time feeding the family 6 weeks or so ago, so I'll be doing it again this weekend. Again, another good reason, this time for a very belated celebration of my brothers engagement.

When my brother got engaged, he told Mum that they didn't want to have an engagement party. A couple of months ago, my stepmother suggested that we have surprise drinks or dinner for them. She then said that Mum and my stepfather were welcome at their place for it, and could my sister and I discuss it with her and see what she thought. I raised it with Mum, who said that she would not spring a surprise on them, and would only be involved if they knew about it beforehand. She is trying very hard not to be an interfering mother(in-law), as she and Dad ending up eloping when her aunt took over arranging their wedding, and doesn't want to inflict that on any of us. We are now having a lunch at my house tomorrow - neutral territory, and the most central. There have been a few precious moments; my brother suspects Mum was lukewarm about it because she didn't think of it first, my other brother (the difficult one) has so far this week told me that he is coming, told Mum he is coming and then told Dad 2 days later he knew nothing about it, and would see if he could make it. Aaargh. I just *love* family dynamics.

I think we finally got the people sorted and there will be 12 people here for lunch tomorrow. The engaged couple, me and the boy, Mum & my Trinistepdadian, Dad and my stepmother, my sister and her boyfriend, my brother, and the babiest sister of them all. I really hope the weather forecast is wrong, and the weather will be good - I want to put them all in the backyard, not the lounge and diningroom. The more space everyone has the happier we will all be. The food is sorted - this time I've delegated the provision of food through the females of the family, and I've arranged to borrow some of Mum's plates (I don't have enough for 12) as well as another table.

Today will be a manic housework day - I just hope that no one will look in the spare bedroom to find all of the clutter I've relocated, as well as a trip to the market for cheeses and salad ingredients. Tomorrow morning the bakery run, and then hopefully a fun day.

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jellyhead said...

Hope the weather and the family dynamics all remain fine!