Friday, October 13, 2006

Merchant prince?

Him: I put a new button on my black shirt today
Me: Well done. Did you find the missing button?
Him: Nope, I had to go to Spotlight to buy a new one. Next time can you come with me please because I was really intimidated?
Me: What was so intimidating?
Him: There was all of this stuff there, I just wanted to find buttons. You know how to deal with these shops.
Me: Did you ask for help?
Him: No, I'm a man, I can find my way around a shop. I just wish that they would open a branch for men called Spotlite. All it would stock is simple buttons and thread and that way I don't have to go through everything else.

Think the idea would take off? Contrary to his belief I'm not an expert at finding my way around fabric and craft megastores, so there are times I would love a cut down version to just get the basics and get out of there. I can see it taking off in the CBD for when we all have those wardrobe malfunctions that we need to fix now.

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