Sunday, August 13, 2006

Are you long enough?

I've just taken a break from reading The Sunday Age to share my giggles about the article on page 7. The title is "Give a man six inches and he'll want a ..." unfortunately the online version doesn't have the visual that the print version does. Above the title, there is a red line, with the text "the average man's erect penis is this long".

I've been giggling hopelessly, visualising men all over Victoria holding that line up to their penises, or cutting it out and putting it somewhere safe to measure their next erection. Perhaps some kind workplace might want to cut it out and laminate it, before sticking it up next to a urinal.

Women spend so long obsessing about their body image, that we forget that men are just as vulnerable. I have to admit that I cannot imagine a major broadsheet showing the size of the average women's breasts or vagina. I wonder if that is because they are so closely associated with porn, whereas the statue of David is considered art.

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