Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Can I boil your bunny with that?

Eeek. I know I said that Saturday's date was a bit obsessy - now I know it to be true. He popped up on my msn today, and started going on about my amazing eyes, my gorgeous smile and my kissable lips. Excuse me? Going just a little bit further than one should after a first date methinks. I was OK with the first compliment to my eyes and smile, and just thanked him, but he just kept going (and going, and going!). I'm not comfortable with excessive compliments. I start to doubt the sincerity of them, and wonder what is wanted/expected from me.

More and more, my gut is saying hell no, run for the hills, so I think that I will have to find a kind way to do just that. I know that rejection hurts, so I don't want to drag it out, but I don't want to give false hope either.

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