Sunday, August 06, 2006

Shiny Shiny

My new shower is nearly finished. I'm so excited about it (and not just cos I've been trekking to Mum's to shower every day for the last week and a half!). The shower was old, with brown tiles, that were getting harder and harder to clean.

I rent this house, and the bathroom arrangements are just a little odd. When you walk down the hall, the first bathroom has carpet (ugly, vile, mustard yellow), a bath, and a basin. The second room has lino, and a shower. Yep, a shower. The third room is as deep as the others, and has the Tirolean toilet, and carpet. Yep, more carpet. Mission brown this time. Noice.

About three weeks ago I came home to find that the mustard carpet was soggy underfoot. Pretty clever as no taps were on, and the door had been shut all day. Rang the real estate agent to arragne a plumber - and saga, to end all saga's, it took 4 days to get a plumber here. I was very excited when they told me that the whole membrane was cracked, and I would need a brand spanking new shower. Woohoo!! Added bonus, the vile mustard carpet is badly damaged, and will be replaced with something appropriate for wet surfaces.

I have learnt that living with bathroom renovations is not fun, and that tile dust goes everywhere - it doesn't matter if doors are open or shut. The funniest thing though, has to be the reaction of my cat to having tradesmen in and out of the house all day. 3 nights last week I got home from work to a very agitated cat, who would not settle down until I put the toilet seat down and shut the toilet door. Hilarious.


jellyhead said...

A cat with delicate sensibilities...tee hee!

Leon said...

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