Thursday, August 03, 2006

Kiss Off!

I hope I've ended it - no more obsessing about the disaster that was last Saturday and the after effects. It is a terrible thing to realise just how nasty a streak I have, and how much mirth I have got from someone's unfortunate habits, way of expressing themselves and slightly sad life.

I did take the cowards way out, just sending him an email letting him know that I wasn't really interested in seeing him again. I have to admit that I told him that I felt quite uncomfortable with some of the things he wrote and said to me, and suggested that maybe he might want to restrain himself in the future with what he says to women.

On the really positive side, I've done a heap of thinking, and I think I'm much more clear about what I do and don't want in a relationship, and what I'm prepared to compromise on, and what is less negotiable for me. I also know that I'm not prepared to settle for just anyone, even if they are falling for me. I don't have to be bored, or feel that I need to dumb things down. I'm not looking for a carbon copy of myself, and I don't want anyone who expects to be joined at the with me - independence is a good thing.

PS I have to admit, my ego loves that someone wants to fall for me so quickly - I just wish they weren't so creepy and odd!

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